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DN Quality Machining - Purchase Order Terms And Conditions

  1. Purchase order must appear on all invoices, packages and correspondence.
  2. Sub-contractors shall return a copy with the parts.
  3. By accepting this order, seller hereby warrants that the material or services furnished will be in accordance with specification herein or elsewhere agreed to. We reserve the right to cancel this order if not delivered as specified.
  4. Supplier or Sub-contractors shall advise D N Quality Machining Ltd. of any changes in processing methods and or materials used to perform this contract.
  5. As per this purchase order, the suppliers customer or the customer or his representative shall be afforded the right to verify at the subcontractors premises and the suppliers premises that subcontracted (purchased) products conforms to specified requirements. The company as evidence of effective control of quality shall not use such verification by the sub-contractor.
  6. Verification by the customer shall not absolve the company of its responsibility to provide acceptable product nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by the customer.
  7. Acceptance of goods or services by user shall not relieve seller from any of its obligations and warranties under this order.
  8. The laws of the Province of Ontario shall govern the terms, interpretation, and the rights of the parties under this contract in the supplying and the manufacture of the goods. The seller shall comply with laws of the place of origin and shall so manufacture the goods as to comply with the laws of the place of destination.
  9. All supplier and sub-contractors are required to meet the requirements of all governmentally regulated requirements (e.g. MSDS).
  10. The supplier shall maintain Quality records including but not limited to Quality and Engineering records data. The records shall be retained for a period of not less than (10) years from completion of purchase order.
  11. Supplier shall notify of non-conforming product, receive non-conforming product disposition approval, notify of changes to product, processes, suppliers and facilities, flow down requirements.
  12. Supplier must provide evidence that all quality clauses, drawing data, and purchase order terms and conditions have been flowed down to their sub-tier suppliers and contractors. This includes clauses from the suppliers system as well as clauses flowed down from DN Quality Machining Ltd. and through us from our customers.
  13. When specified, the supplier must provide samples for evaluation accompanied by an AS9102 first article prior to the shipment of the completed order.

QAR-5.0-09 || Issue Number 3 || Date Issued 05/08/12